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    Moisturizing body wash

    The gentle body wash of vegetable origin keeps the natural epidemic pH value. Its delicate formula without Sodio Laureth Sulfate is proper for any type of skin, also for the most sensitive to normal detergents.

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    Beauty kit viso

    Trattamento completo da giorno e da notte per una pelle profondamente idratata e protetta grazie all’efficace azione dell’acido ialuronico e dei principi attivi estratti da uva rossa.

    Il cofanetto contiene: crema viso idratante 50ml, crema viso anti-age 50ml.

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    Body Cream

    A rich and soft cream, based on grape extract and karité butter that nourishes the skin, leaving it velvety and silky. It transforms the daily skin moisturizing in a sensorial and olfactory wellness ritual.

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    Anti-age face cream

    The stem cells from red grape contained in this rich and velvety cream neutralize the free radicals action, making the skin look bright and young. Thanks to its anti-age action that mitigates the signs of skin aging, it is an ideal makeup base and a nourishing night cream.

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    Face Moisturiser

    Delicate and silky cream suitable for all skin types, even the most delicate and sensitive. Ideal as a make-up base thanks to its light formula, it lets the skin breathe.

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    Anti-age face fluid

    Rich in red grape stem cells and in hyaluronic acid, the anti-age fluid neutralizes the free radicals in the air, making the skin look brighter since the very first applications, and making the face look younger and fresher. It is ideal for those who love immediate absorption creams and it is recommended also for the most sensitive skins with weak capillaries and blotches.

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    Firming Emulsion

    Firming emulsion (when it must be aligned with other lines it can be called only “firming”, but otherwise it is better to say also “emulsion”) Firming treatment to regain a new harmony of shapes and compactness of tissues. The spirulina and caffeine extracts ensure a directed firming action by stimulating the lipids degradation. IT DOES NOT CONTAIN IODINE.

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    Body Scrub

    Scrub with a rich and soft texture with very finely ground grape and apricot seeds.

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