Everything you can imagine, nature has already created.(Albert Einstein)


Healthy, simple and seductive. These are the three adjectives that enclose the soul of the eno-cosmetic products by Poggiarello Cosmetics. Fully made in Italy, our creations are healthy because they were born out of respect and love for nature, simple in their exclusive use of active ingredients, extracted naturally from our cosmetic grapes specifically cultivated (we do not use the scraps of the harvest, but the entire cluster to take full advantage of the potential of the fruit), and beautiful because we wanted to bring the beauty of nature in our fully recyclable packaging.
Each of our wine-cosmetics is rich in polyphenols contained in the vine and grapes. Considered among the most powerful principles to face the effects of free radicals, the polyphenols perform a stronger antioxidant action than vitamins, protecting the skin from UV rays and pollution and preserving the natural elastin and collagen of the skin. The result is a more toned and elastic skin, a skin that breathes, being thus more healthy, beautiful and younger.

prodotti luva


What our product are for.

We capture the essence of the grape to create healthy and good beauty products with a proven antioxidant and anti-aging power. All our wine-cosmetics can also be used for the most sensitive skins, even those of children, thanks to their dermatologically tested formulations that use the active ingredients of the vines and grapes without adding parabens, silicones and mineral oils. Delicately perfumed and pleasant to the touch, the Luva wine-cosmetics are a true experience of wellness and transform the daily routine of cleansing and moisturizing into Spa treatments. We love nature in all its forms, so we placed ourselves against animal testing with strong determination.

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