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Firming emulsion (when it must be aligned with other lines it can be called only “firming”, but otherwise it is better to say also “emulsion”) Firming treatment to regain a new harmony of shapes and compactness of tissues. The spirulina and caffeine extracts ensure a directed firming action by stimulating the lipids degradation. IT DOES NOT CONTAIN IODINE.

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A combination of modern biotechnological active principles for a complete and effective treatment. Each substance acts targeting the different phases of the lipolysis stimulating the lipids degradation in the adipocytes. The body regains a new shape harmony and tissue compactness.

It contains

Fosfatidilcolina: veicolante dei componenti attivi; grazie alla sua affinità ai lipidi di membrana unitamente alla sua capacità di penetrare attraverso gli strati più profondi dell’epidermide. Contribuisce inoltre al riequilibrio dello strato esterno dell’epidermide sottoposta a condizioni di stress.

Phosphatidylcholine: transmit active ingredients, thanks to its affinity to membrane lipids together with its ability in penetrating through the deepest skin layers. In addition, it contributes to the rebalancing of the external layer of the skin which is under stressful conditions.

Spirulina: metabolism stimulator, it does not contain iodine.

Essence of Spirulina and Soya beans: a new anti-cellulite essence based on Isoflavones, extracted from seaweed (Spirulina Platensis), caffeine and carnitine. These active principles operate a twofold action: on one side, they accelerate collagen production in the skin, increasing the elasticity and reducing the expansion of fat accumulating cells; on the other side, they obstacle the fat accumulating cells metabolism, facilitating their breakage and resulting in a slimming action.

Red Grape essence: contains anti-oxidation substances and flavonoids with great effects on the skin microcirculation.

Karité butter: elasticizing action thanks to the high content of unsaponifiables, fundamental substances to keep the natural elasticity of the skin.

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