Enobios© Research

Nature does nothing in vain.(Aristotele)

Literally “life of the vine.” We are about to conclude our research to extract without using any organic solvent, a completely natural active ingredients complex, and our unique formulation that will have a high antioxidant power strengthened by the addiction of our vegetable vine water, the result of years of research.
Rich in nutrients, the vegetal vine water is obtained through an elaborate process of extraction and helps to enrich the anti-ageing potential of Enobios plant complex, bringing the moisturizing and nourishing active principles to the skin, which is effectively nurtured and cared for. Suitable for all skin types, Enobios prevents endogenous skin ageing by protecting the skin from smog, pollution and sunlight. The glycosidic bond, composed by short chain reducing sugar, reduces the spreading of water in the epidermis, keeping the skin hydrated and bright.

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