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Scrub with a rich and soft texture with very finely ground grape and apricot seeds.

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The exfoliating agents are obtained from the grape and apricot seeds, which grant a delicate and fully natural purifying action. The grain size has been chosen in such a way to grant a delicate but deeply effective action. Recommended to prepare the skin for the following treatments.

It contains:

Coconut oil: precious beauty ally, the coconut oil has a strong soothing action that forms a thin film on the corneum layer of the epidermis and reduces the skin dehydration.

Grape essence: The polyphenols contained in the red-grape essence are considered as the most powerful against free radicals in nature, having an anti-oxidation action two hundred times stronger than the vitamins’. They inhibit the oxidation process, protecting from the risks caused by pollution and by the exposition to UV rays. In addition, they have an effective action on the micro-circulation making the capillaries stronger.

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